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Moka Mocha Ink (est. 2011) is an independent publishing house that focuses on contemporary Malay fiction and drama. In 2018 the company ventured into producing stage plays via Ensembel Teater Kaos Nol, an open collective that has been organising book reading and discussion, art and theatre related activity based in Kuala Lumpur.

Projects / Productions


Teater Normcore: Stereo Genmai 2018

STEREO GENMAI is a dark psychedelic adventure about a novelist named K.M. Raslan who’s in search of his lost fictional character named D., in a dream-idea continuum. The relationship between a creator and his/her creation is examined in this two-act play. Expect essayistic monologue, chick lit puppy love and understated seriocomic gestures. The duration of this staging is 80 minutes, performed in Malay with post-performance discussion.


Teater Modular [Set 3] 2018

Playlet #9: Sesuap Kaseh
Sekumpulan rakan pejabat berpiknik di sungai. Dua dari mereka mengasingkan diri dari yang lain. | A group of officemates goes for a picnic at the river. Two of them isolate themselves from the others.

Playlet #10: Erti Mati
Seekor jin dan malaikat maut bertemu. Mereka berdialog. | A jinn and an angel of death met. They had a dialogue.

Playlet #11: Kurator Dapur
Suami seniman, isteri kurator; mereka baru beli barang dapur. | Husband is an artist, wife's a curator; they just bought groceries.

Playlet #12: Hotel Berdarah
Wartawan, Datuk, setiausahanya, suaminya, bertemu di dalam satu bilik hotel. | A journalist, a Datuk, his secretary, her husband, met in a hotel room.


Teater Normcore: Double Bill 2018

TEATER NORMCORE ialah satu siri baru teater sebabak oleh Ridhwan Saidi. Jika sebelum ini 13 playlet Teater Modular (berdurasi 5-20 minit setiap satu) telah ditulis Ridhwan, kali ini skala yang lebih panjang ingin diteroka iaitu teater sebabak (30-50 minit). Tidak diketahui berapakah jumlah yang akan berada di dalam siri Teater Normcore ini.

Normcore seperti iklan iPhone suatu ketika dulu di mana gambar dari telefon bimbit pun boleh dicetak sebesar papan iklan di tepi lebuhraya. Kepedulian dan kepekaan terhadap benda-benda biasa. Bahawa benda biasa boleh jadi cantik jika kita rasa ia cantik. Bak kata David Lynch, “My cow is not pretty, but it is pretty to me.”


Teater Modular [Set 2] 2017

playlet #5: Tas Tangan – As a spoken word poet, Nana has participated in both solo and ensemble performances at events including George Town Literary Festival and Suatukala in Langkawi. Under the nom de plume Nabila Najwa, her writing has been featured in The Jakarta Post, Dirty x Dirty, Jurnal Obscura, and the Malaysian Anthology of Modern Poetry.

playlet #6: Pengantin, Freestyle! – Qiu Qatina, 24, graduated with a degree in theatre from UiTM. She established Asterik Anak Seni an independent theatre production. Actively involved in various theatre production company as director, actor and playwright.

playlet #7: Berat Dosa Siapa Yang Tahu? – Mia Sabrina Mahadir, graduated in Mass Comm from KDU University College. First theatre experience: Short+Sweet Malaysia in 2012. Apart from doing theatre, she writes, and teach Bahasa Malaysia.

playlet #8: Korban Bulan Madu – Walid Ali, a multi-displinary artist. Creative director for Luar Kotak Production. He has performed live art at Edinburgh Fringe Festival and Chapters Arts Centre.


Teater Modular [Set 1] 2018

Divulge into a litle dark humour with Teater Modular, featuring four offbeat short plays written by playwright Ridhwan Saidi. After nine playlets were staged last year in 2017, this week's final four short plays ('Sesuap Kaseh', 'Erti Mati', 'Kurator Dapur' and 'Hotel Berdarah') will be performed. All 13 playlets will then be compiled into a book (planned to be published late 2018 or early 2019) with photos, reflections, processes and more. Performed in Malay with English surtitles.