To commemorate the 15th BCAA, BOH Plantations is presenting a Collector’s Edition canister of Cameronian Gold Blend tea. The canister design, invokes the idea that the excellence in the arts depends on an ecosystem of practitioners and producers working together like a city and in return, good art helps to enrich our urban environment.

With regards to the design, BOH Plantation Deputy Chairperson and CEO Caroline Russell said, “BOH has released the Limited Edition BOH Cameronian Gold Blend Canister to mark the 15th BOH Cameronian Arts Awards. This year’s design, bearing an illustration of a creative city, pays tribute to performing artists on-and off-stage, who help bring performances to life on stage.”

This Collector’s Edition canister invites you to imagine how the arts can make an impact on the cities we call home.

Take a selfie with this canister & share your ideas and suggestions on social media.

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