What are the BOH Cameronian Arts Awards (BCAA)?

The BOH Cameronian Arts Awards (BCAA) is an annual award for Malaysian performing arts, including music, dance, theatre, and musical theatre. Launched in 2002 by Kakiseni in partnership with BOH Plantations, the Awards are given in recognition of outstanding performances from the previous year.

What is the aim of the BCAA?

The BCAA aims to raise the bar of excellence for Malaysian performing arts. To that end, all performances are judged alongside each other regardless of performing arts category so that only the most outstanding performances will be given recognition for their achievement.

How many awards are given out in the BCAA?

There are two kinds of awards given under the BCAA: Category Awards and Best of the Year Awards.

Category Awards are given to individuals and groups who demonstrate outstanding work in specific subcategories for performance and production. Category Judges attend shows and assign scores in every eligible subcategory. At the Nominee Meeting held at the start of the following year, they decide which Category Awards to include at the BCAA based on the number and overall quality of the eligible Nominees. The list of eligible Category Awards include:


Best Featured/Lead Performer
Best Group Performance
Best Choreographer In A Mixed Bill
Best Choreographer In A Feature-Length Work
Best Lighting Design
Best Set Design
Best Music & Sound Design
Best Costume Design, Styling & Make-up
Best Multimedia Design


Best Solo Performance (Instrumental)
Best Group Performance (Instrumental)
Best Solo Performance (Vocal)
Best Group Performance (Vocal)
Best Musical Direction
Best Original Composition
Best Production Values


Best Actor In A Leading Role
Best Actor In A Supporting Role
Best Group Performance
Best Direction
Best Original Script
Best Lighting Design
Best Set Design
Best Music & Sound Design
Best Costume Design, Styling & Make-up

Musical Theatre

Best Choreographer
Best Original Score Music And / Or Lyrics
Best Original Book
Best Musical Direction
Best Performance By An Ensemble
Best Direction
Best Performer In A Leading Role
Best Performer In A Supporting Role
Best Set Design
Best Costume Design, Styling & Make-up
Best Sound Design
Best Lighting Design

The Best of Awards are given to show productions from any category that raise the bar of excellence in the view of the Executive Judges. The Executive Judges are comprised of individual Category Judges who are selected for their experience and expertise. Evaluated for overall impact, the shows are discussed by the Executive Judges and decided by unanimous vote.


How are the Category Awards judged?

Throughout the year from 1 January to 31 December, the Category Judges attend and evaluate show productions under BCAA consideration within their own category. A quorum of 3 Category Judges must attend and evaluate a show for it to be eligible. At the start of the following year, the Category Judges must attend:
A Nominee Meeting, where Judges must finalise the Nominees list (based on the top 3 highest scores) for every eligible Category Award based on qualitative discussion.
A Ballot Meeting, where Judges must vote for their favoured candidate from the Nominees list. PricewaterhouseCoopers, our Ballot Partner, will tabulate the scores and keep the results confidential in sealed envelopes that are only opened by the Presenters at the Awards Night itself.

Best of Awards

Throughout the year, the Executive Judges will be tasked to attend all eligible show productions from all categories and evaluate them based on their overall impact. At the start of the following year, the Executive Judges must attend:
The Best of Meeting, where the Executive Judges must discuss the show productions based on their overall impact, followed by a unanimous vote by all Executive Judges present.

Who is eligible to be a Nominee?

A show’s total score is averaged by the number of attending Judges. A show that receives an average score of 70% or higher of the total possible score is eligible for consideration. The 3 highest scoring shows are given priority at the Nominee Meeting discussion.

How are the judges selected?

The BCAA Judges are veteran practitioners who are well-regarded in their respective fields. They are selected according criteria which include, but is not limited to, their academic qualifications, professional experience, commitment to attendance, and versatility in different disciplines.


What are the Best of Awards?

The Best of the Year awards are presented to shows that our panel of Executive Judges have decided make up the most outstanding performing arts shows across all four categories of Dance, Music, Theatre, and Musical Theatre.

Are there a fixed number of Best of Awards?

The number of awards may vary every year as determined by the Executive Judges based on the scores given for every eligible production.

What will the Judges look for in an “outstanding” show?

All shows are evaluated according on its overall impact as decided by the Executive Judges. An “outstanding” show should exceed the Judges’ expectations. This is especially the case for shows that demonstrate thought-provoking originality, incorporate technology in new and innovative ways, or have an oversized impact on the audience.

Does this new judging system make it more difficult for new productions or amateurs to join the BCAA?

We believe that this new judging system encourages ALL productions to really step out of their comfort zones and aim to achieve the best that they can. We want them to be more bold and daring in pushing themselves to the limit. And when they produce a show that deserves our judges’ praise, they will be recognised at the BCAA.

What are the benefits of being an Award Recipient?

The BCAA are intended to confer more than just recognition or validation; these Awards also serve as a platform to promote outstanding Malaysian shows to a wider audience.

Award Recipients may also receive priority support and assistance from Kakiseni, including:
The Backers Audition, a pitch session where Recipients are matchmade with prospective corporate sponsors and festival curators
Artist development programmes like workshops, classes and industry sharing sessions
Financial aid to travel overseas for performing arts markets and international festivals