Kakiseni Airbnb Experiences

Kakiseni is now a part of Airbnb Experience in Kuala Lumpur! Come spend your day around town with us and learn more about what we do at Kakiseni or how you can contribute to the arts scene. All proceeds from these experiences will go to #seniMAD initiative so book yours today!

We are excited to introduce you to art and galleries around Kuala Lumpur! We’ll be visiting a minimum of three exhibitions via public transportation or by walking so you can enjoy the city landscape. If we’re lucky, we will get to meet the gallery curator, designer, or the artists themselves.

Choose and learn a Malaysian dance from members of the professional dance collective ASK Dance Company (ADC) with options ranging from Zapin, Joget, Inang, Joget Gamelan, Terinai to Ngajat Iban and Sumazau. They specialize in providing training, workshops, master classes, performances, choreography as well as undertaking collaborative projects in traditional and contemporary genres of dance.

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