April 21, 2017

Arts Advocacy


The BOH Cameronian Arts Awards has been a prominent presence in the Malaysian performing arts industry since its inception in 2002. Yet behind the glamour and glitter of the Awards, Kakiseni is also constantly working towards building and enabling increased sustainability and development within the industry.

For the industry to experience continued growth and sustenance, it is important for the arts to engage and create innovative partnerships with corporates and businesses.

In turn, there is also need for a strong business case and return of investment for supporting the arts in order to drive increased participation from private organizations.

To this end, the latest announcement of the Malaysian Budget 2017 has been encouraging, and reflects efforts to further promote the arts in Malaysia. An increase in the tax deduction limit for companies sponsoring arts, cultural and heritage activities in Malaysia was proposed, from the initial RM500,000 to RM700,000 per year. As for companies sponsoring foreign activities of the same, they are entitled to tax deductions up to RM300,000 a year, increased from the previous limit of RM200,000.

This announcement should drive uptake by private organizations, motivating the formation of collaborations and partnerships between the corporate and arts sectors.

At the same time, yet another important building block in ensuring the success of these efforts is the availability of a conducive system through which effective communication between the arts and business sectors can take place. As such, the Awards had been reinvented as a platform for producers to meet potential sponsors keen to financially back local performing arts companies.

The 14th BOH Cameronian Arts Award’s The Best Of 2016

To further this endeavour, the new “Best Of” list, consisting of only the most outstanding performances from the previous year, was introduced as part of the Awards in 2017. Producers of these “Best Of” shows will be given top priority for exclusive meetings with potential investors and sponsors.

If you are a private organization keen to explore the endless possibilities of collaborating with the arts, we welcome you with open arms. Drop us a line at lynn@kakiseni.com, and we’ll be in touch soon!