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Arts Exchange 2013

Kakiseni Arts Exchange KL (AEXKL) is Malaysia’s premier arts exchange programme that unites and bridges the local and international performing art communities through a transfer and exchange of knowledge.

The Abrisham Journey

The programme will see local performers handpicked by Zahmatkesh himself to adapt and localise The Mythical Month – a classical Persian myth telling the tale of Fereydūn and Zahhāk – to share with Malaysian children and communities nationwide.

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Nama Kamu Atas Perahu

AEXKL 2013 will also be continuing last year’s collaborative process by bringing together 20 local and international artists for an intensive, two-week skills exchange and workshop at Damansara Performing Arts Centre and The Actor Studio @ KuAsh Theatre, TTDI.

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  • Aug 25

    Puppetry Workshop

    The Abrisham Journey will begin with a six-day puppetry workshop. Participants get to learn and hone their skills in puppetry, masks, and acting. At the end of the workshop, director Zahmatkesh will choose four performers from the group – two men and two women – for the actual production of The Mythical Month.

  • Sept 29

    Iran tour begins

    The Malaysian cast will then get a once-in-a-lifetime experience to transcend language barriers and cultures when the story is brought back to its birthplace – Iran. For more than three weeks, the cast will be performing this classic tale in various Iranian communities and locales while perfecting it further. This will culminate in performances at the International Children Theatre in Hamadan.

  • Oct 25

    Outreach Program

    Armed with a unique cultural perspective and experience, the cast of The Mythical Month will embark on a tour of Malaysia to reach rural communities in Terengganu, Pahang, Selangor, and Johor.