Arts for the Underprivilege: #seniMAD

#seniMAD started with a plea from Kakiseni – that each child be given access to the arts for exploration, for curiosity and for the experience. The plea was answered and as of today, the #seniMAD programme has successfully provided access to the arts for 100 underprivileged children from various Projek Perumahan Rakyat (PPRs) and underprivileged homes. Amongst them are PPR Damansara Bestari, PPR Puchong, Ti-Ratana, PPR Sri Pantai & Rumah Titian Kaseh.

The movement first started at the Kakiseni International Arts Festival 2014, where wishes from children of various vulnerable communities, were hung on a “Listening Tree”, to allow the public to chip in and do their bit, whether it’s volunteering time to coach, putting up the lessons’ fees or even donating used musical instruments.

To further extend its reach, Kakiseni also recently launched a workbook titled “…. And Oh, These Are My Superpowers”, whereby all proceeds from the sale of the books will go to the #seniMAD programme. Published and distributed by MPH Bookstores, it is available for sale at RM29.90 per copy at all major bookstores and also online at,

The Graduation Ceremony held in Makespace, Quill City Mall, was a showcase of performances by the #seniMAD children as well as local artists such as Az Samad and Reksub.

One year after fulfilling the wishes of children on the “Listening Tree”, with the support of donors and teachers, the #seniMAD programme continues to provide underprivileged children with Vocal, Dance and Guitar lessons.

Low Ngai Yuen, the President of Kakiseni commented that, “Studies have shown that a student from a low-socioeconomic (SES) background with high-arts educational background significantly outperformed peers from a low-arts, low SES background. #seniMAD will equip the young with skills that can be a future tool to earn and close social gap for the urban poor”.

She adds “We are thankful that organisations such as Prudential Assurance Malaysia Berhad, public donors and dedicated teachers such as Din Sabah, Nurfaillul Adam (Aswara), Fauzi Amirudin (Aswara), Francis Wolf, Hameer Zawawi and Cikgu Wan Ismail Naqiuddin share our vision”.

Donors and teachers who would like to contribute to the #seniMAD programme can contact Persatuan Kakiseni via or call +603 2106 8677

For more information, media enquiries and request for interviews, please contact:

Shazalina Zainal
Email:  | Mobile: +60124025874

Zahayu Shima
Email:  | Mobile: +60192761004

Angie Lim
Email:  | Mobile: +60124750061

About #seniMAD (SENI Making a Difference)

#seniMAD is an initiative by Kakiseni to give underprivileged children access to arts education through opportunities to learn music, theatre, dance, writing etc. Targeting the young from Projek Perumahan Rakyat (PPR) with a household income below RM1,800, the programme allows freedom to explore talent and interest in fields otherwise deemed too costly especially instrument lessons e.g. piano, guitar, violin and percussion.

Kakiseni passionately believes that the arts can fix almost anything and the exposure to music for example, is a gift of hope and creativity for expressions and self-discovery; often stifled in an atmosphere of economic hardship. Most of the classes under #seniMAD are conducted by professional artists during the weekends at the PPR’s community centres, complete with second-hand and donated instruments on loan for practice.

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